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AMPM Car Sharing: We are veterans of car rental business, we have done this very efficiently and diligently for the past 11 years. Our success story might one day even become a case study. We are your local car rental company within 15 minutes drive if you are resident of West Los Angeles, being independent rental business with not big corporate and red tape attached to us our rules are meant to help the customer and keep us to our senses that whatever we do, however we operate our business it has to be in the best interest of our customer. Total Satisfaction, is our goal and "We'll get you there!!" is our motto. Our Values: To perform business in the most deginified ways possible, treat every customer with utmost respect with moral and human values, everyday, everytime without fail no exceptions!! We are not a big corporate but we still are a business to make profit but not at the expense of our goodwill and our motivation to succeed and provide best services with an amazing experience. Business transaction for us is based on trust and belief where we as providers and our customers as our only source, both have to content and satisfied at the end of each transaction. We would always go an extra mile to achieve this goal and expect commitment and consideration from our beloved customers. How we started: Two years ago we established this company AMPM Car Rentals with just 1 vehicle in West LA by taking over a business that was closed out, with assets such as our management's good will and expertise, today we have over 55 vehicles, 2 rental locations (the second branch of AMPM Car Rentals is in Long Beach). We have come a long way with all ups and downs of business, striving towards perfection gaining traction and experience of running a successful operations. Our Customers: We have clients / customers from all walks of life, businessmen, students, men in uniform, local households, visitors from our of state and out of country, tourists just to name a few. Most of our customers are repeat clientele. We serve the local community and we are quite content with the business model. We have retained our customers for all these years and have become their first choice whenever they need a ride or a truck or a car. Products: We have mix varieties of cars in our fleet to fit every budget and needs , we have small vehicles for eg. a Nissan Versa, compacts like Corolla, full size cars such as Camry, SUV like Highlanders, pick up trucks, Moving Trucks of all sizes and many more which are just to mention in here..

Choose AM PM Car & Truck Rentals to find the right Trucks to get the job done. They have customer service reps available to answer any questions you might have so feel free to give them a call. Get your moving needs taken care of today with AM PM Car & Truck Rentals located in Los Angeles, CA. If you need to reach them with any questions just call 310-815-1715.

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